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Sioux Center, Iowa is experiencing exciting growth with an estimated population of more than 7,300 residents and a $33.9 million increase in property valuation. Our community also has a younger-than-average population with a median age of 27.1, which is more than 10 years younger than the state median of 38 years old. These are positive signs for the future growth of Sioux Center. But there is so much more to our community than just these numbers. The recent completion of a new health-care facility, the current expansion and construction of local educational facilities, and continued new construction of residential and business properties indicate growth and better services and facilities for not only our community, but the entire area. We are blessed that we are able to provide our residents with a variety of amenities. Many of these promote family time and recreation. From taking in a hockey match at the All Seasons Center in the winter to playing 18 holes of golf at The Ridge Golf Club in the summer, from walking or biking through the beautiful prairie on the Sioux Center Trails to enjoying a trip down the water slide at the indoor pool, from experiencing an outdoor wedding overlooking the golf course at the Terrace View Event Center to enjoying many of the shopping and dining destinations in our community, we have something for everyone, and that is what attracts people to Sioux Center. These amenities and facilities are possible only because of the cooperative efforts of various organizations and individuals in Sioux Center. This cooperative spirit has allowed many exciting visions and dreams to become a reality. The people of our community are our city’s strongest strengths. We have a depth of wisdom, new ideas and vision that keeps our community vibrant and progressive. We welcome you to come visit our community and witness, firsthand, how many dreams and visions have become a reality.

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